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Wholesale Food Corp.

309 Merchant St. - PO Box D

Emporia, KS  66801

(800) 279-3826


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Market & Industry Information

Operator's Edge* is a monthly UniPro publication offering sections including Headline News, All About the Menu, Consumer Insights, Top Trends, Food Safety & Sanitation, Menu Management, Money Matters, Marketing Your Business, Toolbox & Digital/Social Media. 

The Menu Management* website has a great deal of information useful to many customers. Menu Management offers the ability to search for recipes based on ethnicity, ingredient, etc. Some of the recipes even have a video. This site also gives all kinds of information and tips for Managing Your Business!.

*You will have to create a login with UniPro to access these sites and read the articles.


Questions about Dented or Damaged Canned Goods?

Classification of Visible External Can Defects, 

produced by the AOAC International in cooperation with the FDA 


A Pocket Guide A To Can Defects from the Association of Food and Drug Officials


detail many types of canned good damage and the severity of the various defects, dents, buckles and dings.

These are the guides referenced by the KSDA and EVCO for determining severity of defects.



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